Future Projects


Medical Reverse-Osmosis Plant

The greatest need at the moment is for a medical RO plant in Padaviya. Currently four hospitals in and around this area have medical RO plants which are not functioning. All Chronic Kidney Disease patients in the East currently travel to Anuradhapura for treatment and there are no plans for a new RO plant to be commissioned in the near future.


Due to the higher standards, a Medical RO Plant cost approximately double that of a standard RO Plant. The District Board of Benevolence is therefore planning on raising the additional funds required for this project, which is estimated to cost Rs. 3,000,000/-

Project Safe Haven Phase II

After the success of the Project Safe Haven and the availability of funds, the District Board of Benevolence is currently scouting for another site that can be upgraded to act as a relief centre during incidents of natural disaster.


As before, the project will be conducted in conjunction with the National Disaster Management Centre.