The New Masonic Temple of Nuwara Eliya, or ‘The Chalet’ as it is also known is located in the immaculately maintained, 26 acre grounds of the Hill Club, Nuwara Eliya. A prime location on Grand Hotel Road; adjoining the Nuwara Eliya Golf Club on one side and the country home of Sri Lanka’s President on the other.


The Hill Club was founded as a Gentlemen’s Club in 1876 by W.H. Walker, J. Wickwar and H. Saunders and its membership primarily consisted of the early Coffee, Cinchona and Tea planters; many of whom were or subsequently became Masons.


It is therefore not surprising that, upon receiving its Warrant in 1903, the Nuwara Eliya Lodge No. 2991 EC, was consecrated at ‘The Chalet’ in the gardens of the Hill Club.


The New Masonic Temple, Nuwara Eliya also briefly hosted the meetings of Adam’s Peak Lodge No. 2656 EC; most significantly during the celebration of their Centenary in 1997.


Although circumstances during the period 1964-1970 and once again in late 1970s to the mid-80s forced the Nuwara Eliya Lodge to move their meetings to other locations, the use of the Temple at Nuwara Eliya has continued without interruption since.