The District Grand Chapter administers five active Royal Arch Chapters in Sri Lanka under the authority of the Supreme Grand Chapter.


The teachings of Royal Arch Masonry are contained in the “Supreme Order of the Holy Royal Arch” – a stand-alone degree of Freemasonry which is open to those who have completed the three Craft degrees. Until 1823, only freemasons who had previously passed through the chair of a Craft lodge were allowed to join. Today, candidates for a Royal Arch Chapter are required to have been a Master Mason for four weeks or more.


In the early years, no District had been formed in and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) was under the authority of a Grand Inspector from about 1935 until 1944. The Three Grand Inspectors during this period were:


E. Comp. J.S. Collett; PGStdB

E. Comp. G.S. Wodesman

E. Comp. R.C.Scott


The District Grand Chapter of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) was established in 1944 with five functioning Chapters, namely Kandy Newera (1867), Hercules (1895), Campbell (1899), Duke of Connaught (1913) and Uva (1930). Uva RA Chapter no longer functions but Ruhuna Chapter joined the District in 1946.


E. Comp. Robert Coleridge Scott was installed as the First Grand Superintendent on 14th November 1944, which was also the inaugural convocation of the District Grand Chapter.


The Succession of First Grand Superintendents:

1944    Robert Coleridge Scott

1963    Charles Melville Francis Jennings

1969    Vincent Henry Ludovici Anthonisz

1974    David Narasiah Rockwood

1977    Charles Melville Francis Jennings

1991    Srivaran Kumaranayagam

2007    Dr. Milroy S. Perera

2012    Henry Malin Goonetileke

2018    Ferhad Jamshed Nilgiria


The Succession of Deputy Grand Superintendents of the District:

1943     John WilliamThompson

1949     Charles Melville Jennings

1963     Vincent Henry Ludovici Anthonisz

1969     Rasanayagam Kumaranayagam

1973     David Narasiah Rockwood

1974     Sangarapillai Sittampalam

1977     Maitripala Abhaya Goonewardene

1991     Arnold Harrison Dhas

1999     John Malcom Gamani Perera

2003    Dr. Milroy S. Perera

2007    Henry Malin Goonetileke

2012    Ferhad Jamshed Nilgiria

2018    David Stewart Rose